5 Outstanding CBD Brands With Organic Certification And Medical Expertise

5 Outstanding CBD Brands With Organic Certification And Medical Expertise

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Are you considering which CBD brand on which to bet your health? With so many new startups, it’s hard to pick the real experts.

We’ve selected 5 brands marketing CBD, highlighting the strengths of each.

One is backed by years of medical research and clinical trials.

Some have hands-on experience treating patients with thousands of testimonies.

Others have done the due diligence of obtaining organic certification, ensuring at the very least, their products aren’t adding to your health problems.

Also, we’ll explain the difference between medical cannabis brands selling CBD and those marketing their products as hemp extracts.

If you’re new to CBD and want to know more, check out Explaining CBD. The article details how CBD helps common medical conditions and covers CBD legality and the different forms available.

Over the last few years, many different CBD brands have appeared online, and it’s challenging to know which to choose.

The legal loophole of marketing CBD as a hemp product without THC that’s found in cannabis, has attracted many startups.

And why not? If the product is legitimate and better than the opioids pushed by big pharma, CBD medication should be encouraged.

Moreover, the regular use of hemp compounds as a solution to the opioid epidemic is slow to emerge.

Pharmaceutical companies are the biggest corporate stakeholders in mainstream medicine, with large research grants and investments.

So much so, big-pharma doesn’t want to replace their money-makers with a product with intense competition and easy entrants to the industry.

How CBD startups market their products

CBD brands market their products as supplements made from hemp extracts and are reticent about claiming they’re product treat health conditions.

Accordingly, product descriptions are cautious to an extreme in explaining their health benefits, relying heavily on customer user ratings and testimony.

That’s why, to garner legitimacy, CBD brands are transparent about their production processes, aiming for organic status instead. An effort to at least show their products don’t cause damage with contaminants and dangerous fertilizers.

By comparison, medical cannabis brands offering CBD are vying for FDA certification and medical approval.

As such, they detail the exact content, including terpene profiles and the medical conditions they treat. What’s more, their products are backed by years of medical research and clinical trials.

Furthermore, cannabis medication is only available in states that have legalized medical cannabis, contradicting federal law.

So far, the only medical cannabis company to gain FDA approval is GW Pharmaceuticals ( a UK company), producing Epidiolex for treating seizure disorders.  

However, the lines blur as more medical cannabis brands cross over to provide CBD products with low THC levels similar to brands marketing their products as hemp extracts.

The problem is you can’t dance at two weddings. Either you’re going to market CBD as a hemp product or bet the full gambit with massive investment to achieve medical licensing with FDA certification.

Unless the rules change, by the time medical cannabis brands achieve drug licensing, CBD brands will be well entrenched with market share and the battle is lost.

The real question is, which type of company would you bet your health on? One that’s done the medical research and clinical trials, or a hemp company with organic certification and customer testimony?

The truth about CBD contamination and organic production

CBD farmers striving for USDA organic certification

Modern farm production often uses pesticides to ward off parasites and disease. What’s more, they add hormones and make genetic modifications to their seeds giving higher production yields. Furthermore, their production techniques alter the size and taste of the produce.

In comparison, cannabis and hemp production is no exception. That’s why there is an outcry for organic produce not only in supermarkets but now taking hold in the CBD industry.

Looking deeper, actual organic status without genetic manipulation is rare, and any brand claiming to be organic should be regarded with questionable skepticism unless officially certified.

However, most essential is making sure that the hemp CBD brand you choose has products that are free of pesticides, hormone growth additives, and are cultivated with natural organic fertilizers.

But most hemp cultivators for CBD brands understand the need for transparency and natural ingredients and comply with public demand for organic farming methods.

Realistically, genetic manipulation is here to stay, and the genie will not go back in the bottle.

Finally, it wouldn’t be out of order to state that most hemp and cannabis strains are genetically modified.

Hybrid strains are created with preferred phytocannabinoid elements and terpenes.

The reason being, genetic profiles of strains are manipulated for specific recreational preferences for taste and experience.

Also, medical cannabis producers do the same for targeting the treatment of specific medical conditions.

CBD brands with professional medical research

Since 2018 CBD has become a commodity, with expert marketing, brand, and price strategies to achieve market share. Also, the vast majority of CBD brands promise organically grown products and independent lab tests.

That’s why outstanding CBD brands go beyond transparency offering hemp extracts targeting specific medical conditions. They rely heavily on the volume of customer testimony and market share.

Few, however, are backed with medical research, and even less legitimately claim any medical benefits, which are vague in their product descriptions, making them subject to FDA scrutiny.

That’s why you find many of the CBD brands with disclaimers stating their products do not solve medical conditions.

By contrast, medical cannabis brands are transparent about their cannabinoid content and state the exact terpene profile.

Further still, they list the medical conditions they treat on their websites. They’re able to do this as they are consistent in using the same hybrid strains to produce each harvest. Also, they have medical research to back up their claims.

CBD brands without terpene breakdowns in product descriptions are more likely to use different hybrids for each extraction batch. The terpene profile may well be different with each production cycle.

That’s why there is a significant difference between medical cannabis brands and startup CBD brands, the latter taking advantage of loopholes in the laws surrounding the sale of CBD as a supplement.

How to choose the right CBD brand?

The best way to verify the quality and claims of CBD products is to check the full transparency of ingredients, including a detailed terpene profile.

Many brands offer a certificate of analysis (COA) that examines contaminant content, purity, and element potency. Additionally, labs provide peace of mind exposing pesticides, heavy metals, and fungi.

However, COA labs will not state or verify the health benefits of CBD. Only specialist doctors in CBD treatment or a medical cannabis brand backed with medical research and clinical trials can advise CBD products for specific medical conditions.  

Relying solely on a few social media and customer ratings touting efficacy is not wise. Such reviews aren’t always legitimate and may not be trustworthy unless verified or in overwhelming numbers.

For complete peace of mind, always seek advice from a qualified medical professional that is an expert with medical cannabis therapy and CBD products. That’s why you should go to a qualified doctor to prescribe the right brand, form, and dosage suited to your individual needs. 


5 brand selling CBD you can trust


As pioneers in medical cannabis research, Tikun has blazed the trail in developing CBD products to relieve anxiety and pain. 

What’s more, the brand belongs to an elite group of medical cannabis producers who have undergone 15 plus years of study in developing cannabis products to treat numerous medical conditions.

Furthermore, Tikun’s research was carried out in cooperation with the forefather of medical cannabis research Professor Raphael Mechoulam.

The company produces a range of CBD products under the brand Avidekel, a full-spectrum cannabis strain. This renowned medical cannabis brand is exceptionally effective in relieving stress, anxiety, pain, and many other ailments. What’s more, it’s available in tinctures, vape oil, and a topical cream.

A higher concentration of CBD increases serotonin levels that help alleviate stress throughout the body. The THC content is Avidekel is less than 1% and unlikely to get you high, other than calming your mood.

Tikun provides a complete breakdown of compounds and terpene profile in Avidekel, explaining each terpene’s aroma. The product descriptions also state exactly for which medical conditions it is suited. That’s in stark contrast to other CBD brands as it’s grounded in extensive medical knowledge and experience.  

Due to Tikun’s library of published medical research and clinical trials, Avidikel’s health benefits are documented as follows:

  • Elevates energy levels
  • Reduces stress, agitation, and anxiety
  • Improves symptoms of depression
  • Reduces rage attacks
  • Acts as a sleep aid
  • Helps digestive problems
  • Reduces seizures
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improve airflow to the lungs
  • Prevents memory loss
  • Slows the spread of infection and cancer cells
  • Relief of Autism symptoms
  • Relief in pain related to MS

Type: An Indica-dominant hybrid strain.
CBD: 16-19% – (600Mg) / 30Ml bottle
THC: <1%
Available as a Tincture, Vape, Topicals, and more.

Terpene content in Avidekel CBD products

Avidekel is sold worldwide, available online, in Europe, Israel, Canada, and throughout California, with distribution soon throughout the US, in states where cannabis is legal.

Find Out More About Avidekel

The Stanley brothers developed the CBD brand Charlotte’s Web to treat seizures related to Dravet syndrome.

Notorious for their efforts, originally their CBD was named Hippie’s Disappointment and later rebranded as Charlotte’s Web.

The reason being, the CBD was used to treat Charlotte Figi, from Colorado, who suffered throughout her life with extreme epileptic seizures.

Charlotte sustained in the region 300 attacks per week at the peak of her condition, eventually reduced to two or three per month. Sadly, Charlotte passed on April 7, 2020, after being hospitalized with pneumonia and resulting complications.

However, Charlotte’s Web has helped thousands of families, many of whom moved to Colorado to gain access to CBD treatment.

What’s more, the brand has well-earned a reputation in its ability to help sufferers of seizures, stress, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and other autoimmune conditions.

However, due to the laws governing CBD products in the US, the Charlotte’s Web brand relies on solid customer testimony regarding its medicinal benefits.

As a full-spectrum hemp extract, Charlotte’s Web includes CBD (Cannabidiol), CBC, CBG, and other beneficial phytocannabinoids. What’s more, it is available in a variety of strengths from 500-1800Mg and container sizes.

What’s also cool is their Flavors including Lemon Twist, Orange Blossom, and Mint-Chocolate, for instance. Also, the products come in an array of forms such as oil, gummies, and capsules, infused with additional ingredients such as Ginger Turmeric and Melatonin, to aid sleep.

Charlotte’s Web is available online and throughout the US.

Find Out More About Charlotte’s Web

One of the earlier pioneers in hemp extract products, NuLeaf has been producing full-spectrum organic extracts since 2014.

Unlike other CBD brands, NuLeaf does not rely on additives and only uses natural compounds and terpenes derived from organically grown hemp plants.

Furthermore, the company has a colossal amount of positive user reviews with over 20,000 testimonies with 5-star ratings regarding the medicinal benefits of their extracts, a number with which is hard to argue.

Further still, their full spectrum range includes cannabinoids, CBD, CBC, Delta 8 THC (a less potent form of THC), CBG, CBN, and various beneficial terpenes.

What’s more, their products are certified independently as being free from pesticides and other contaminants such as herbicides, fungi, mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.

Among a small class of quality hemp farmers, NuLeaf cultivates their hemp plants organically in Colorado, controlling the ecosystem with consistent strains farming and production techniques.

Also, all their products are ISO certified in strict regulatory conditions.

NuLeaf CBD products are available as full-spectrum oil, softgel capsules, and balms. Most notable is NuLeaf focused extraction techniques that separate each product to separate phytocannabinoid compounds.

That’s why their products address specific health conditions, such as relieving stress, treating anxiety, as a sleep aid, and helping with pain relief.

Besides being medically directed and suitable for relieving an array of symptoms, the extracts are available in different potencies ranging from 300mg, 900mg, 1800mg, 3000mg, and 6000mg.

NuLeaf is available online and throughout the US.

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Lazarus is a CBD brand with complete transparency and control of its operations, critical when selecting a reputable CBD supplier. Farmed in Central Oregon, they supply organic non-GMO hemp with USDA Organic certification, a rare accreditation among CBD brands.

Lazarus control cultivation on their three farms, from seed to harvesting, managing extraction, packaging, and delivery. The only process falling outside the purview of their control is Third-Party testing, which is as it should be.

Founded in 2014 before the onslaught of wannabe CBD entrepreneurs flooding the US market, like its products, the company has grown naturally from a fledgling operation to today’s stellar organization.

Most notable is the Lazarus Assistance Program, whose aim is to lower the price of CBD, making it more accessible to the masses.

What’s more, Lazarus has an upfront approach to recommending its products for specific health conditions. If you visit their website, an AI questionnaire will walk you through a series of questions intended to find CBD product solutions for specific health issues.

The result being, the company’s products relieve stress & anxiety, help with sleep, reduces aches in muscles and joints, helps with general wellness, focus & energy, aid skin conditions and problems related to digestion.  

Among the more creative producers, Lazarus CBD products are available as tinctures, softgels, balms, skin lotions, and edibles such as flavored tarts.

Lazarus is available online and throughout the US.

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For the last review of select CBD brands, Joy organics is remarkable, considering it’s only been around since 2018. A relatively new brand, Joy achieved USDA Certified Organic Full & Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures. Quite an achievement and hurdle many CBD brands do not claim.

Organic certification means their seeds are natural and not genetically modified, and their farming processes and extraction techniques are devoid of chemical fertilizers and additives.

Joy Smith, the co-founder, started as a CBD user with a first-hand experience of the tribulations in finding quality CBD. For instance, many products she tried didn’t work and she wanted something effective in treating her medical condition.

That’s why, after due diligence surrounding the complexity of producing organic CBD, Joy founded a company with the goal of setting a benchmark for transparency.

To this end, the business sets the highest standard in manufacturing, quality, and testing, with a prime directive to ensure all processes meet USDA organic status.

A family business, Joy Organics, is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a second operational center in Austin Tx, run by her daughter Danielle.

Finally, Joy Organic products include Full and Broad-Spectrum tinctures, salves, gummies, softgels, energy drinks, bath bombs, creams, and even supplements for pets.

Joy Organics is available online.

Find Out More About Joy Organics

For more about CBD products and medical cannabis, check out the Clicked.ink section on medical innovation.
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