100 Excuses Why You Don’t Exercise [Each countered in full]

100 Excuses Why You Don’t Exercise [Each countered in full]

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When your body only has minimal regular exertion, in the best case you’re holding off an ever-growing tide of deterioration. More commonly, as you age, a sedentary life, makes the body significantly vulnerable to degenerative disease and severe health disorders.

Routine exercise, not only maintains your body’s health and fights off disease, it improves the brain’s health and prevents depression.

Most importantly routine exercise opens your life to many more possibilities, of rich rewards, both metaphorical and literal. Stepping out of the comfort zone can be hell the first time, especially if you’ve never exercised or haven’t in a very long while.

A healthy dose of looking in the mirror and recognizing the excuses you make can go a long way to changing your routine to active living. If you don’t challenge yourself regularly over a sustained period, you probably want to find your answer in the following list. What’s yours?