In an epoch of dramatic change and a culture of anything goes, it’s hard to believe what’s online. Much of the content targets ratings and sensationalism, with little regard for the consequences. Clicked.Ink is a media platform spotlighting relevant topics, aiming to be accurate and have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. Hence the focus on four key areas essential to mental health and wellness, Active LivingMind CareFood Science and Medical Innovation.

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Have you awakened, that is, has it clicked for you that life and our very existence is astonishing?


Clicked.Ink is a media brand, with an editorial focus on education about integrative health and wellness.

Inspired by experts in diverse fields and written for readers interested in discovering alternative ways of healthy living.


Integrative health examines creative ways to step out of a sedentary lifestyle and become involved with the world we live in: sports, physical fitness, travel, exploration, community service, and environmental care.


Also examined are healthier ways of eating: facing health disorders such as obesity, diabetes, malnutrition, and anorexia.

These common disorders are the main reasons why organic plant-based wholefood is trending. These illnesses are also why there’s such a strong call to curb the consumption of processed and high-sugar foods.

Many people love eating meat, poultry, and fish, but how are they farmed? More so, what can be done to curb the damage done to the environment?

What about the excessive antibiotics and hormones used in livestock and passed on to humans?

We wonder why so many people have weakened immune systems to fight pathogens. If we’ve learned anything from the effects of Covid19, we should focus on strengthening people’s bodily defense.

Clicked also looks at building a sustainable food industry that considers not only our health, but also the environment, and animal welfare.


Probably the hottest topic over the last decade is mental healthcare. Severe stress, worry, anger, frustration, and loneliness have resulted from a pandemic that has brought everyone disruption.

Clicked.Ink looks into the benefits of mindfulness meditation, stress management, and community support, and professionals and organizations that can help.

How can people find purpose and meaning in everyday things, and how do we relate to one another?

In an age of Me-Culture, news and social media often amplify government expectations to bail us out of our problems. But it’s not the role of local or national government to manage our lives.

It’s up to each of us to take personal responsibility and help those around us— helping family members and community and practicing compassion and tolerance.

There is a lot we can all do, and helping others makes us feel connected.


Coronavirus has researchers working around the clock to find a viable vaccine. 

Alcoholism is at an all-time high, as well as the frequent use and dependence on recreational drugs.

Studies have proved healthier alternatives to pain prevention. Overcoming opioid addiction is a critical problem facing millions around the world.

Switching to medical cannabis and other effective treatments such as acupuncture can help ease opioid addiction.

Addiction to subscription medication for stress has become commonplace, made worse by global events such as the Covid19 pandemic.

Advances in artificial intelligence are changing medicine both for patients and medical professionals.


“Clicked.Ink is a media brand with an editorial focus on discoveries, innovations, and trends relating to technology, health, and wellness.

Inspired by experts on integrative healthcare, our publication offers new insights about enlightened ways of living.”
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